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Eye nutrition

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

We all know that these days, our food does not contain the necessary nutrients as 20 years ago. Food are being mass produced and genetically modified, in order to provide to the current population.

It is time to take back control and introduce a good omega 3 to your diet. As at time of this blog, your recommended daily intake of omega 3 is 450 mg per day (EPA and DHA combined). It is recommended to take your omega 3 at night - as we all like to have a cup of coffee (or 2 or 3) in the morning, coffee contains caffeine that is considered a diuretic. Diuretics make you go to the bathroom quicker, so by taking the omega 3 supplement at night, we can therefor ensure that the tablet gets absorbed in your bloodstream completely before getting up for a bathroom break.

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